Hong Kong

Post 7. Big buddaaaa.

Currently sat in Hong Kong airport waiting to board our plane to Adelaide. We then have an internal transfer to Cairns. Is it really travelling if you didn’t cheap on a few transfers now and again? Today we have been to been to Ngong Ping Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin monastery. A cable car…

Post 4. First Hong Kong experience.

Yesterday afternoon we had our first Hong Kong experience post our 12 hour flight.
We made are way using the underground (MTR). The ticket we bought allowed us to use the MTR and bus travel for an unlimited about of time within 3 days, it also included return passes on the airport express.

We are staying in an Airbnb flat. It’s has three rooms kitchen/diner, bathroom and bedroom. Turns out this ‘tiny’ flat is quite big in Hong Kong standards. 50 thousand citizens of hong kong still live in the notorius cage homes often in the most tallest high rise flats. They consist of a room with multiple cages. A person can rent a cage which is basciaclly a bed for £200 US dollars a month. So im very happy with our accomadation.

Our first evening.. We grabbed some dinner out and headed off to the sandbox VR expeirence.  Me and tim got dressed into motion capture suits and headsets and were emersed into a pirate VR escape game. The aim of the game was to shoot the targets, avoid the bad guys and win the pirate booty.  You could actually feel the ‘ships ghosts’ attack you through the body suit.

Attached is a video of us in action.