The Cliffs of Mohar 03/07/2019

We parked in the legitimate carpark for a ‘student” ticket price of 7 euros a head. It’s in the middle of nowhere and you would have to walk a very long way to get to the cliffs, if you decided to park on the cheap.

The sun was blazing and the cliffs were beautiful. They are huge large sheets of rock protruding up from he sea, stacked along the shore like a humongous staircase. We walked along the cliff tops taking photos and listening to an free audio guide I had downloaded on my phone.

I decided that I wanted to reach a small fort still standing at the very end of the peninsula. Much to Tim’s initial hatred we reached the checkpoint I had created in my head several thousand steps later and walked back to the main site for a much needed wee and water.

We didn’t realise till later we were both burnt fairly badly and decided it may have been a bad idea to walk so long without supplies. We are both usually pretty prepared, Tim moreso.

We stopped in Lahinch for some late lunch and got some supplies in Tesco’s at Newcastle West. We arrived in our Airbnb in the evening , to find an odd owner and his dog zoe greet us, (she was literally eating a whole loaf of bread from somewhere).He was a little socially awkward and seemed incredibly chill-axed.

Best way to decide bnb is OK or slightly below average. Our room is huge but had like two pieces of furniture in it, and generally the whole house is like a batchlors pad for a single middle aged man. I’ve cleaned the kitchen a little to make myself feel better and cooking and eating in there. He has the whole house filled with other bnb guests. Beautiful spot though,you can see mountains and trees and fields from our velux windows in our room. It’s also conveniently close to Carrauntoohil, the largest mountain in Ireland which we plan to go up tomorrow.

We are getting at at 7am shame the guy decided to actually empty the dishwasher at midnight.

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