Northern Ireland 30/07/19

We drove from Dublin to Coleraine in Northern island yesterday morning after we picked up our new style Nissan micra hire car. Apparently an upgrade? We did gain 2 doors and more boot space so I’m not complaining. Me and Tim havent had much luck with hire cars but still decided to take the punt and not get the super duper expensive additional insurance policy. We automatically have to pay an extra 300euro as we are both under 25, and Tim’s driving, as it was unsurprisingly more money to add me too the policy too.

We stopped at Tesco on the way at 13.00 as they only open at 1 on sundays. Which is lovely for Irish familys but not what we are used to back in Suffolk, Tescos are always open. Although it may be due to he fact the Irish like a drink on a sataday night.. but I cant make sweeping assumptions.

We stopped at the dark hedges on route to the coast. It was so busy I decided to come back later when I could get that instaswag shot. We carried on to Carrick-de-Rede rope bridge national trust site, we booked some tickets for 4.30pm and went for a wander down by the beach for an hour or so. The sea was choppy and the birds were chirping. I’m easily pleased but I like just closing my eyes and listening. Me n Tim explored some caves and generally big kidded our way along the rocky shores.

We sat down for a cuppa and piece of maltesters slab while we waited for our bridge slot. There was a lot of very enthusiastic tourists getting excited about the prospect of crossing the rope bridge. Personally I thought it looked cool but had no fear about going across it. Originally it was just one long plank of wood with a single rope that the salmon fishermen used to shuffle across to get to the little island where they stored there boats and apparently a very good fishing spot. I think that version of the bridge may of scared me.

The bridge however was very photogenic.

I went back to the dark hedges on the way home at about 18.30 . It was way less busy and I got the shot I wanted. Apparently it’s a well known game of thrones set the ‘kings road’ but I couldn’t remember watching it. But it did look very eerie and well worth a wander. I think it was actually there due to some rich greezer planting loads of beech trees to impress his wife and his guests that visited his house by this road.

We let ourselves into our Airbnb as the owners were not home. It felt very wrong but we made dinner in their kitchen and ate. They finally arrived back after we had washed up. They seemed very nice and the most photogenic couple ive seen in a while. Good reviews all round.

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