Giants Causeway 01/07/19

We awoke at our Airbnb in the morning, it was pissing it down.
We self constructed a breakfast with what the homeowners had in their cupboard with permission obviously. We left to drive to the giants causeway. Probably one of the most famous landmarks in Ireland, our main reason for visiting northern Ireland and a UNESCO world heritage, National Trust site.
It was still raining when we arrived so we took the touristy lazy option of parking in the the official car-park and wandered in to the visitor center to start our tour. We opted for the walking tour with a guide as it seemed silly to pay the money and not know anything about the causeway or the folk lore behind it. I like to think giants actually live in cliff top houses. We wandered down the path whilst the guide explained a little of the history of the shores, landscape and the giants causeway it self. Its incredible how nature has made such a perfect looking landscape. It looks like it’s been lazer cut, and methodically designed. It also reminded me of the wacky hexagon retro sofa I just brought second hand.

We had lunch at the wee cottage tea room. Again just a quick TripAdvisor search , but turns out it’s right next to Dunluce castle. Another set from game of thrones, aka the Greyjoys home. We had spicy carrot soup and a tiny loaf of homemade bread and butter , a massive hot chocolate and a fruit scone to share. Think I might come home a little fatter ….

We randomly come across a grand designs house on the way back , me and Tim are a bit obsessed with Grand designs and he just spotted it whilst we were driving. House prices are incredible in Ireland and we are seriously considering moving here at some point and building our own wacky house.

We then drove to our place for the night, in County Donegal . It was in the middle of nowhere and the guy met is at the post office and even Google maps didn’t stand a chance at getting us to his house . Off a small village street, it took 10 minutes by car down tiny winding roads to reach his house. First impressions were interesting to say the least. It looked from the outside a little like an abandoned drug den or as Tim correctly pointed out count Olafs house in the series of unfortunate events movie.

Shame I didn’t take a photo. Inside was an improvement and they had two very friendly dogs and a raggedy looking cat. Our own spaces, the bathroom and our room were clean and light and airy. The kitchen was fairly grotty and the best word to describe it was rustic. We made dinner in said kitchen of ravioli and dippy bread. We were supposed to have paid 5euros for the privilege as I think hes pretty off grid. But we forgot and he didn’t chase us up… we went for a walk after dinner, back up the track away from the house. His two dogs just followed up, which scared us Initially as they were spaniels and would run miles into the adjacent fields and you wouldn’t see them for minutes at a time, but if you yelled something high pitched and started running in one direction they would follow so we had a back up plan. We walked up a crunchy hill, to the top where we could see the sea. The ground is very dry and made up of peat, which is still dug out and used as a fossil heating fuel over here. We walked back down and the dogs just jumped into a massive lake, I wasn’t looking forward to explaining that one as the owners were out and didnt know we had accidentally kidnapped there dogs.

I slept pretty good, weirdly no curtains though. I realise I’m not selling this place, and the shower had two functions lava hot or molten hot.

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