Dublin Day 29/06/19

Me and Tim decided to have 9 days in Ireland. I’ve never been, but my family reports lovely things, mainly about how beautiful the scenery is. Also there is climbing..and a mountain we can hike so bonus.

We are not city people so decided to have one day in Dublin and if we decided that dipping our toe wasn’t enough we would come back at the end of our 9 days and do what we missed.

Our flight landed from Stansted in Dublin at 10am. We took a public bus for 3.30euros each to the city. They have aircon tourist couches that will take u for 7 just outside the terminal. But as always we took the more ‘authentic’ cheapskate option. They have a ticket booth in one of the bus shelters that u can pay in card with, if not exact change is only accepted on the bus, no notes.

Our accommodation for the evening was uni halls, which sounds grim but was actually really lovely. Set in a quiet part of Dublin, the DCU campus building is super old with loads of character and we got free buffet breakfast so bonus.

It seemed a little busy when we hopped back on the bus to the city about 11. We had accidentally stumbled across Dublin pride, and the streets were a hive of activity. I got handed a rainbow whistle to cheer up my dull outfit in a sea of multi colours. Never been to pride but would go again, the procession was super colourful and cheerful and it made me happy . I wish I’d of known and i would have worn one of many of my multicolored rainbow garms I left back in England.

We booked the Guiness factory tour for the afternoon. Neither of us are huge fans of the black foamy liquid but it’s like the top rated thing to do in Ireland, so worth a go. The self guided tour was actually very interesting, and I’m a bit of a nerd and like learning irrelevant pub quiz type information. I also learnt how to drink a pint of guiness properly, apparently the froth at the top tastes crap and they admit that so you have to drink in big gulps to get through it to the good stuff, which isn’t actually black but ruby red . We went to the sky bar at the end on the tour which is a lovely glass room at the top of the factory. We exchanged our two tokens for 2 pints of Guinness and tried our very best to look like we were enjoying it. I think I succeeded. I drank 80% but felt defeated and a little tipsy after lack of food and too many steps . Tim weirdly has been there 4 times now and he still doesnt like Guinness but states it gets better everytime, so there is still some hope that I’ll becoming a true stout drinking adult. Tim may have ‘borrowed’ our Guinness glasses for our new house , I dont think they will notice.

We went to Cornucopia for dinner. The best voted Dublin vegetarian resturant according to trip adviser. Was lovely, big portions with loads of salad. So no guilt.

Back to the UK tommrow, to Northern Ireland.

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