Cruit island climbing 02/07/19

We woke in our ‘rustic’ Airbnb, after sleeping pretty good. It was so quiet, other civilisation was at least a mile away square.

Breakfast was incredible. We often book Airbnb’s and realise that the supply breakfast and this was one of these times. Roodie the owner said the night before he usually cooks for his guests about 8.30am so see you then. We sat at the table with another German couple staying in the house. They both worked for a Christian charity that deals with drug abusers in a city in Germany so both required a long holiday.

Breakfast included fresh croissants, yogurt, cereal, cheeses, a fresh pot of tea and Roodie made us all a plate of frenchbread cornflake stack with eggs mushrooms, tomatoes watermelon and bacon. Minus the bacon for me. It looked and tasted amazing. Yesterday the Germans said they had eaten huge stacks of pancakes. I could of stayed longer just for the breakfasts but was also beginning to love the rustic charm and utter quiet of the Place.

We drove just down the road to Cruit island, connected to the mainland by a little concrete bridge. We had scouted out our climbing routes the day before. I managed to get two Severe climbs in and Tim managed a E1 climb with a super tricky 2 move crux section at the start. Which I was proud to have got up after him. We ate our packed lunch on a peaceful secluded beach and got back in morris the micra for a long drive. We drove to a fairly awesome waterfall on the way down the west coast, the drive time was impressive yesterday but we broke it up with wee stops and photo opportunities.

We picked up 3 Journeymen/hitchhickers approximately 1hour outside Galway. We did drive by them but they were dressed so odd I couldn’t resist having there company for an hour. We thought they were a band to start with. Apparently it’s a long standing tradition in certain European countries after completing an apprenticeship in a trade of some sort to go travelling for at least 3 years and 1 day. No phones no technology just a odd small wooden rucksack the clothes on there back finding work along the way. Sleeping rough the majority of the time , or getting accommodation through work opportunities. Mainly hitchhiking with strangers and utilising kindness of others. They had made it from Germany to Spain, Norway, Sweden, France, UK and now Ireland. They were blacksmiths and carpenters. They dont always travel together and all started alone, they have just met other journeymen and women along the way.

This is pretty much what they wre wearing and is the traditional outfit and carry round a carved wooden walking stick.I wanted to take a picture of them squeezed into the back or our tiny micra hire car as it was a little surreal, but thought they might think I was wierd.

We dropped them off in the middle of Galway. They had no forward plans and essentially free from a lot of lifes stresses but had others like feeding themselves and staying warm. Apparently it was snowing when they were in Spain. Not the ideal weather to be sleeping rough.

I wish them good luck and wish I was that brave. I also realise I rely on Google maps too much .

We ate pie n mash in a longstanding restaurant in Galway and walked the bustling streets listening to Irish folk singers. I was craving dessert so convinced Tim to get a crepe. They were huge and mine was brimming with nutella. We walked along the waterfront and back to our car. We had booked an bnb the day before called the thatched cottage in a village on the outskirts of Galway.

It was very nice, we had our own bathroom and were once again offered breakfast. The owner was the first Irish lady that didn’t seem genuinely happy to see us. Dont get me wrong she wasn’t unkind, just not bothered to see us and didn’t go out of her way…Like most British people. Every other Irish person we have met so far has just been so genuinely lovely and happy to see you. Maybe they are all just good actors.

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