Post 91. Hogwarts.

Oh my the weather is beautiful today shame it’s the last day… I cant believe we have only had one good day of clear skies and sunshine. I can see all the mountains and the routes. The sun is peaking over the top of the mountains and that’s where we are headed today.

The sky was so clear we realised we had been going off piste on number 6 the last few days. The track heads round the mountain but we have just been going straight down.. hey we like challenge.

Breakfast was speedy because all of us wanted to catch the 9.45 bus to Hogwarts or Hochoetz it’s actuall name. The guy we met in the little hotel suana/steam room the night before had explained that he called it hogwarts and all the routes were Harry potter related which made my heart very happy. Snowboarders were apparently all from Slyverin. We had been wanting to go here all week but the buses had only now started running again.

It was such a lovely day skiing , we skiied some lovely blue runs through the forest and me and Tim went right to the top and did some red runs right down the bottom for the mountain. I had a few flappy moments where I froze until I got the balls to turn into the mountain again. This only happened when I had to turn l down the mountain so that’s obviously my weakness. But I always kept going in the end. I had a few little tumbles where I lost my footing but nothing major. I was proud to have achieved my target of getting down red runs confidently and even did a little gopro video of myself with my selfie stick on the easy red bit. Tim was super good this afternoon, parralel turning like a pro. He’s much more confident than me and was happy to go pro down the more steep areas. Im proud of us.

We are now sat in the hotel . We’ve eaten cake and are dwelling on the fact we have to go home and start a post skiing diet. It’s a shame the weather wasn’t like this all week as I don’t feel like we achieved as much as we would have done if the weather was better. The week has gone incredibly quick and I’m looking forward to next years snow holiday already. Me and Tim are going to learn how to snowboard next year, maybe get a few indoor lessons in before hand at Milton Keynes snow centre.

I’m not looking forward to the 3am start tommrow. But I guess it’s good that the roads are actually open still to finally get to Innsbruck.

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