Post 90. Sky or snow?

The snow is still coming down. You can’t see the mountains and we are getting annoyed with the weather. We are still stuck in Kühtai ad the roads are closed in and out due to avalanche risk. I guess we didn’t really think about it when we booked ,but kühtai is very high up so generally if the weathers bad it going to be worse up here, the roads up are also quite exposed so the risk of being stuck here is also greater. So can’t say I’ll have a repeat trip to kühtai.

The morning me spent leisurely wandering around . I got a postcard for my wall and Tim got a sticker for his imaginary future van. We went back to the rib lodge we visted last night for dinner. I had a hot chocolate and loads of pudding for lunch. We shared a Germknodel served in the traditional Austrian way. It was basically a giant dumpling filled with plum jam topped with sesame seeds and literally drowning in butter. We also shared apfel strudel and vanilla sauce no transaltion needed. I felt a little sick but content.

Tim and I paid and headed for the slopes and left dad and co in the lodge. The conditions were crap. We did route number 1 again and I felt double as scared. It was a white out. You couldnt tell the difference between the sky and the snow. We repeated a few route up on the t bar lift before we headed down the the bottom. We repeated number 6 again,with similarly crap conditions.

Tea was nice though and tommrow another day.

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