Post 89. Snowed in.

Overnight the snow and wind have caused havoc. We are stuck in Kühtai, no entrance in no exit out. The roads are closed due to avalanches. But fortunately it didn’t come as a massive surprise as the weather forecasts were fairly accurate. 29cm apparently and -15. The piste machines were on it super early this morning and late last night to keep as many ski lifts open as possible.

The plan was to go by bus to another ski village 30 mintues down the road which has some blue routes, but the buses were not running. It’s slightly lower down there so a bit warmer and a little less windy. Now we haven’t got an instructor it would have been nice to start on some blue routes but hey that would be too nice. We wandered as far as possible out of our chalet this morning, about 0.5 mile later the road was blocked due to potential avalanche risk. The sounds of dynamite exploding filled the village, they were attempting controlled avalanche prevention.

Once the piste machines had got on top of some of the snow, a few lifts began to open. We went on a small little blue but the queues were crazy as there was little open and the ski schools remained low in the mountains due to the weather. We hiked back up a route with our skis,as we met a few people on the way that said the snow was very deep and unmanged. It made us feel like we deserved our lunch though, we were puffing at the top.

Fungi Pizza for lunch and a hot chocolate. My daily hot choclate intake has increased rapidly this holiday. My dad, Gary, Tim and me all attempted the red route that went down with the ski instructor yesterday. Gary took a fairly epic fall after turning into a large dip of snow. They left after one run and me and Tim did 5 more. Getting quicker and more confident every run. I still know I’m not skiing correct. I sit to far back in my skis whereas I need to lean down the mountain more. Tomorrow im going to do the weird pole exercises that I did with my instructor yesterday to try and improve my technique. I want to be a better than average skier eventually.

Me and Tim jumped off a little outside fire exit stair well into 3 foot deep snow like big kids when we go back.

All you can eat ribs night tonight… very vegatarian. Ahah all good ill nick there chips and get myself a nice little veggie dish. The pretty wooden framed cabin has a lovely log fire and big wooden beams. Shame about the dead stuffed animals everywhere. They did a good job eating the ribs, at least a rack of ribs each. I had veggie builders breakfast, slices pir
Of potato with cheese and veggies, very nice bar the slight tang of anniseed that lots of sustain food seems to have.

We forgot it was late night skiing! We abandoned dad and co after paying and raced back to the chalet to get our skis on. It was the best weather we had had so far so we couldn’t miss the opportunity. Number 1 red route was lit up from top to bottom. We have never done the route before and knew it would be a little choppy. I was a little nervous to start but we ended up getting quicker amd quicker especially on the second route. The visibilty was so much better and the majority of the route was lit by flood lighting. I felt confident for the first time and my parralel turns were getting better. We beat our time on the second run then called it quits before I broke something.
Let’s hope the weather is better tommrow .

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