Post 88. Shut up you lot !

Today has been ok. I’m never one to lie about my thoughts on a holiday and today is one of those days. It’s not bad just not amazing. There isn’t quite enough instructors to be able to take an intermediate group so we have unfortunately been doing repeated cycles of the same blue slope all day. Waiting for people to catch up or stand up again after falling over. Me and Tim are itching to move along to a proper mountain. Mags my stepmum has come back down to our group as she got freaked out yesterday in her group but is also regretting her decision. We need a happy medium not as tough as that group but not as boring as the one we are in. On the plus side the weather was lovely, much better vision on the slopes and very little falling snow. My hands have been freezing though even after upgrading to 3 pairs of gloves and wearing the ski instructors mittens. He tried to warm them up with his hands bless him. It’s a horrid feeding though, they felt like the were going to snap off. I assessed the price of a new pair of super warm mittens and unfortunately I would have to sell my car if I wanted to afford them . 120euros !! So I’m tonight wear all the gloves I had on today underneath my dad’s mittens tommrow . I won’t be able to flex my fingers but who cares. I though might have raynards syndrome , my peripherals are always cold.

The ski instructors had an emergency meeting today. Turns out the weather is going to get 10x worse and it is likely that we won’t be able to get out of the town for a couple of days due to heavy snow on the roads and avalanche risk. What a shame if I don’t make it back for work 😉 that does mean the likelihood of decent skiing tommrow is highly reduced.

We lost badly in the ski quiz at the hotel, shut up you lot was out team name .As Paula, likes to shout it at her husband Gary. I must say I preferred ‘you’re a quizzard Harry’.

Today’s skiing has been so much better. After mags moaned a little they found us an instructor to go on some proper mountains, some nice red runs down. I wouldn’t say Kuhtai was the best place for beginners, not many blue runs, more red. Kühtai pretty much has no blue. Me and Tim are getting there with our parallel skiing but still need to learn loads. Mags got altitude sickness though so she got the gondola and minibus back to he hotel. After some goulashe soup and chopped up apple pancakes, she was back with us in the afternoon.

The instructor we had in the morning was annoyingly not about in the afternoon even though he said he was going to be with us so we were back with Elias our old instructor but thankfully he was also going down some proper red runs so happy days .

We went to an Apre ski bar after the lifts had closed . It was a tad mental. The small little wooden framed hexagon hut was filled with Austians all singing and dancing . The songs pretty much sounded like the Macarena or mashed potato of the UK super relative with cheesy dance moves that everyone knows. The bar maid tried to show me the dance moves. I got the hand actions but not the feet that involved to much coordination. I played around in the snow on the way home ,I’ve honestly never seen so much snow in my lift. Mounds of the stuff were piled up everywhere .

We spent the evening trying to master the escape room game. Reviews online said 6 people was to many and it was easy. Man were they wrong. We sucked badly and didn’t really get it when we read the answers out at the end although I liked the concept.

I slept like a rock. The weather’s supposed to be crazy tonight.

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